Corporate Structure

Zhejiang Qingquan Pharmaceutical & Chemical (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

  Qingquan is a high-tech specialty chemical company, with its products widely used in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, electrochemical, material, etc.

  Over 50 years of specialty and fine chemical development and manufacturing experience. Qingquan has possessed the advanced methanol splitting hydrogen preparation in China with capacity of 1000Nm3/h and minimum purity 99.99%;and high pressure hydrogenation reactors with the total volume of 30000L and Pressue up to 15.0Mpa. Besides the hardware, a professional operation team throughout the whole industrial production from the H2 gas preparation to hydrogenation reaction is Qingquan's core competitiveness.

  Qingquan has become one of the larger manufacturers in China engaged in high and medium pressure hydrogenation production in industrial scale, in a position to run customer tailoring production. It has strong ability in research and development, good technology and quality control, has jointly established R & D centers and Technology centers with different famous Universities , can satisfy the customer demand .

  The company pursues balance of economic growth, safety, healthy, environmental protection and social responsibility; dedicated in technology innovation and optimization; promoting the technical communication and business cooperation with different multinational companies.

  Larger Furan producer in the world.

  Larger 2-Methyltetrahydrofuran producer in the world.

Jiangsu Qingquan Chemical Co.,Ltd.

  Jiangsu Qingquan Chemical Co., Ltd. was established on May 28, 2005. Invested by Zhejiang Qingquan Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd., it is now a state-level high-tech enterprise located in Jiangsu Binhai Coastal Industrial Park.

  With a total equity of more than 600 million RMB, the company covers an area of more than 39 hektares. Its affiliates including Zhejiang Taizhou Qingquan Medícal & Chemical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Spring Trading Co., Ltd., Hangzhou R&D Centre and Nanjing University of Technology-Qingquan Joint Research Institute of Advanced Material mainly engaged in research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates, performance materials, electronic chemicals and other specialty chemicals.

  Possessing rich experience in researching, developing and manufacturing of catalyzed hydrogenation, it is by far one of the leading high and medium pressure liquid phase hydrogenation manufacturers ìn China, and one of the larger furan series products manulacturers in the world.ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 are strictly implemented within the company. It has been suppling the customers with reliable products and high standard services.

  With the core value of becoming an ethical company for sustainable growth, we are committed to building a harmonious and win win relationship with our clients, employees, society and nature. We believe we should integrate the pursuit for economic growth with the social values of safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. As such , we adhere to our corporate philosophy of creating values and undertaking social responsibilities. We are committed to making contributions for social civilization and development.

South district business division

    South district business division is larger production base of furan series products in China. It is located in south district of Yanhai Industrial Park In Binhai Economic and Development Zone in Jiangsu Province. The plant was built in 2005, covering 110mu. There are 2 manufacturing workshops and about 300 staffs. It is professional in research and manufacturing of fine chemicals, medical intermediates and chemical materials.

North district business division

    North district business division is larger production base of kettle type catalytic hydrogenation in China. It is located in north district of Yanhai Industrial Park In Binhai Economic and Development Zone in Jiangsu Province. There are abundant hydrogen gas and chlorine gas resources. The plant was built in 2009, covering 350mu. Currently there are 3 manufacturing workshops, 7 production sections and about 300 staffs. In addition, there are multiple sets of kettle type hydrogenation equipment at all specifications with total volume of 150000L and single volume from 500L to 5000L and largest pressure of 15Mpa, maximum temperature of 250℃, 2 sets of stationary bed gas phase hydrogenation instrument. Main products are 2-METHYLFURAN series, new materials and customized products.

Hangzhou Spring Trading Co., Ltd.

  Established in August 2013, Hangzhou Spring Trading Co., Ltd. is now a subsidiary company solely held by Jiangsu Qingquan Chemical Co., Ltd. It is located in United Plaza, Qianjiang Road, Hangzhou. with business units and three supporting departments. It is a vigorous team with professional knowledge and veteran experience.

  Hangzhou Spring Trading Co., Ltd. is in line with QQChem overall strategy, it is striving to develop multi-level cooperation area with customers. The current business covers: pharmaceutical intermediate, performance material, electronic chemical, specialty chemicals, and chemical trading business.

Zhejiang QingHe New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

    Under Construction

Hangzhou R&D Centre

  Hangzhou R&D Centre is located in Science and Technology Park of Hangzhou Normal University,exetending part of wenyi road,Hangzhou,east of “Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents lnnovation Park”and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University,northeast to Zijinggang Campus of Zhejiang University,south to Higher

  Education Park,Mountain xiaohe,it has outstanding regional dvantages and is rich of all kinds of resources.

  The R&D Centre coners an area of more than 700 square meters having catalyst research unit, batch hyarogenation reserrch unit and continuous hydrogenation research unit.It has kg grade catalyst trial run facilities, kinds of batch hydrogenation reactors,continuous hydrogenation trial facilities and detection instruments.Many hydrogenation catalysts and hydrogenation processes can be developed here.Capable of providing products from gram to kilogram.

  R&D people are mainly of PhD,master and technical staff with good experimental skills.